The Alliance Welcomes New Market to D.C.

D.C. residents recently celebrated the opening of a full-service grocery store east of the Anacostia River for the first time in 15 years.

The Alliance is thrilled to welcome Lidl food market to the city, and most importantly pleased to see our elected officials and the community come together to bring fresh food and more healthy options to our community.

Located in Skyland Town Center, Lidl food market is a perfect example of how our businesses can help to provide crucial products and be a pillar to their communities. This new addition will bring more food and beverage options to consumers and increase access to grocery staples and fresh produce. It will also add to the overall well-being of our communities and bring more job opportunities to our neighborhoods. We are grateful for Lidl and the other local businesses in Ward 7, and all of our members that continue to provide critical services and products throughout the District. You can find all our members here.