White House Amplifies National Restaurant Association Letter to Congress

Published in Fast Casual, March 2nd, 2021

Shortly after the National Restaurant Association sent an urgent request to Congress in support of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund Tuesday, the White House took the somewhat unusual step of amplifying the letter in its own release, underscoring the need for passage of the fund that is part of the overall American Rescue Plan supported by the Biden Administration.

In its letter, the NRA revealed survey results showing that 14% of restaurant operators recently surveyed said they would “probably” or “definitely” be closed within three months without further federal relief, a news release said. The numbers were among other statistics the NRA said prove that the nation’s second-biggest private employer needs help. Specifically, the Chicago-based restaurant membership organization said it was pushing hard for “prompt passage” of the $25 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund within the American Rescue Plan.

“The Restaurant Revitalization Fund represents the culmination of a year’s worth of advocacy and development toward an industry-specific solution,” NRA EVP of Public Affairs Sean Kennedy wrote in the letter. “Prompt passage and implementation will provide new relief opportunities for some of the nation’s hardest-hit restaurants and communities. Help for restaurants is help for employees and communities, and a signal that our country is one step closer to turning a corner.”

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