Watchdog Slams Proposed D.C. Beverage Tax

Taxpayers Protection Alliance, October 9th Today, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) slammed Washington, D.C. councilmembers for proposing a special excise tax on “sugary beverages.” Read More

Proposed DC tax on sugary drinks stirs up support and skepticism

WTOP, October 8th Soda aficionados, beware: If a new bill passes, D.C.’s sugary drinks would become some of the most expensive in the country. Read More

The Financial State of Washington, D.C.

State Data Lab, 2019 A new analysis of the latest available audited financial report found Washington, D.C. has a Taxpayer Surplus of $4,400, earning it a "B" grade based on Truth in Accounting's grading scale. Unlike most cities, Washington, D.C.'s government has enough resources available to pay all of it's bills, including public employees' retirement benefits. When broken down, the amount available to pay future bills results in a surplus of $3,300 for each Washington, D.C. taxpayer. Read More

D.C. City Council proposes massive soda tax that even Bernie Sanders opposes

Americans for Tax Reform, October 8th A majority of the D.C. City Council wants to impose one of the highest taxes on sugary drinks in the country, a move that will raise the cost of soda and disproportionally hit low-income individuals. Read More

The District may approve one of the nation’s highest taxes on sugary drinks

The Washington Post, October 7th This could lead to a lot of loss of sales at retailers inside of D.C. and could hinder D.C.’s ability to raise tax revenues if a lot of customers are avoiding the tax that way,” said Anna Tuchman, a marketing professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University who studied the Philadelphia tax. Read More