Trade Association Letter Letter to D.C. Tax Revision Commission

D.C. Tax Revision Commission 
1101 4th St., SW, Suite W770 
Washington, D.C. 20024 

Dear Members of the Commission, 

The past few years have been challenging for everyone in the District. Inflation, the rising cost of living and the lasting impact of the pandemic are still weighing on the hard-working families and the small businesses that are just trying to get by, keep their doors open, and retain their employees. The D.C. community members who we represent cannot afford additional economic burdens like new taxes, and increasing the pressure during this fragile environment is a recipe for disaster, especially for those who need support the most. 

Every day, we work closely with our fellow D.C. residents and businesses to secure a prosperous economic future for our constituents and our city. New taxes that would make D.C. an outlier compared to surrounding jurisdictions would force customers to Maryland or Virginia for shopping, dining, and entertainment. The city is already facing tough economic challenges, and now is not the time to hinder its path to recovery. 

The city’s struggling economic climate is felt heavily by the shops, restaurants, parking garages, hotels, and other businesses downtown that are waiting for their customers to return. Many of these businesses have been in our city for decades, yet without the heavy foot traffic from federal and private sector workers and tourists patronizing their favorite local businesses, large swathes of downtown D.C. storefronts sit empty. A number of these businesses relied on loans to stay afloat during the pandemic, and with payments now coming due, many of them are stretched too thin and don’t have sufficient revenue to meet their obligations. 

We fought hard to create and sustain jobs in the District, and we are committed to working with local leaders to revive the thriving business climate we know is possible. We must make a healthy economy a priority rather than taxing those who produce, support, and grow D.C.’s economy. It is crucial the Tax Revision Commission recognizes that introducing and increasing taxes should be the last resort when it comes to policymaking. Small businesses, employees and consumers bear the brunt of these policy decisions. Any discussions of new revenue should be paired with a strict scrutiny of budgeting priorities. 

We encourage you to engage with all of us who are committed to maintaining our investments in the District and working with Council and the Mayor to support our local businesses and community members. We value the opportunity to partner with local leaders and advocate for policies that allow D.C. and small businesses to remain competitive and thrive.


Alliance for an Affordable DC 
District of Columbia Association of Beverage Alcohol Wholesalers 
District of Columbia Black Chamber of Commerce 
District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce 
Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) 
Marshall Heights Development Corporation 
MD-DE-DC Beverage Association 

Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association 
Mid-Atlantic Theatre Owners Association 
Pennsylvania Avenue Main Street 
Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington 
Ward 8 Community Economic Development (W8ECD) Planning Group 
WMD Service Station Association